Why become a business broker?

Feb. 1, 2018

By Kathryn Christ

Business brokering is an exciting and lucrative profession. It provides the opportunity to work closely with business owners and guide them through one of their most challenging business transactions.

This same career allows you to be an independent business professional with an open-ended income potential and an excellent lifestyle.

High Earning Potential
Most of our listings at JMJ Brokers, Inc. have a 10% commission rate and an average sales price of $210,000. We have an outstanding commission split with excellent marketing and administrative support.

Flexible Schedule
The majority of hours worked by the business broker fall into the regular business schedule of Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm. Most sellers prefer to communicate after hours, so it is common to take phone calls in the early evening hours or on Saturday mornings. However, the broker is able to schedule calls, appointments and showings to best accommodate everyone.

Work from Home
Since many business brokers spend their time visiting sellers or networking, it is very convenient to work from home. All that is needed is a quiet workspace, a cell phone and a computer.

Work from our Office
Working from the office gives you a quiet place to focus, an opportunity to meet with clients, access to a computer and lightning fast Internet with air conditioning and all the cold beverages you can drink.

Individualized Training Modules
At JMJ Brokers, we specialize in training real estate agents to become successful business brokers. Our individualized training modules ensure that every JMJ broker is given the tools to create a successful independent career.

Marketing Support
When you work with JMJ Brokers, we provide industry-specific marketing support. All buyer
and seller leads for your industry go directly to you. No worries about competition from other JMJ brokers.

Administrative Support
Complete administrative support is provided. Once you provide the executed listing agreement, completed profile, tax returns and photos, the administrative team at JMJ provides:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • NDA signing and archiving
  • Management of listing websites
  • Cloud-based due diligence storage
  • Escrow deposit tracking
  • All other broker responsibilities as dictated by law and custom

For more information
To learn more about becoming a business broker with JMJ Brokers, contact Kathryn Christ at (904) 779-2000 or by email, Kathy@jmjbrokers.com.

Kathryn Christ
Business Broker / Lic. Real Estate Broker
JMJ Brokers
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