Due Diligence Consulting

Insurance Agency Sellers – Are you buried in paperwork? Can’t find the time to sort through your records and run your agency simultaneously? Does it seem like buyers have unreasonable requests when it comes to documentation?

Insurance Agency Buyers – Do you get frustrated when sellers seem unresponsive? When they push back against document requests? Does it seem like you’ll never get to the closing table?

Master the due diligence process with a pro! Kathryn Christ ensures all parties have access to current and updated information regarding commissions, policy count and more. Familiar with numerous agency management systems, Ms. Christ is able to enter an agency, compile commission statements, print client reports, secure financials and more while bringing all parties to the closing table. For agencies not yet utilizing a management system, Ms. Christ is able to research, review and compile hard copies of these same records. Costs are clear and straightforward – 2% of total commissions in the agency with a minimum fee of $3,000. Travel within the State of Florida is included. For other locations, travel expenses are additional. A simple solution with a fair price to complete and close your next transaction.

For more information on Due Diligence Consulting, call us at (904) 779-2000.